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Selling Your Prized Possessions? Trust Powell Auction & Realty with Your Real Estate Sale Today

When it comes to auctions, Powell Auction & Realty is the gold standard. Count on us to conduct fair, successful auctions for your prized possession or inherited property. We draw our expertise from almost five decades of experience and counting, and we handle everything from antiques, coins, firearm to automobile and real estate sales in Knoxville, TN. Are you looking for trustworthy professionals who offer both personal property auctions and real estate sales in Knoxville, TN? You may have inherited a property that you can’t take on because it’s in a not-so-ideal location. Maybe you are dealing with the loss of a family member and are in need of a qualified person who can handle both a real estate sale in Knoxville and the selling of personal belongings that go with it. With us, you only have to deal with one company for complete service. Powell Auction & Realty has been conducting successful personal property and estate sales since 1972. As the first licensed public auto auction service in Tennessee that is also home to licensed Realtors ® and federal firearm dealers, we are confident that we can help you get fair market value for your property and prized possessions. Powell Auction & Realty spares you the trouble of having to deal with multiple providers by handling everything from property and vehicle sales to the sale of smaller items like coins, collections, antiques, and more. We understand that most of the time, the sales we handle are the result of significant life changes. We bring that sensitivity with us and you’ll see it in the smooth and honest way we do our work.

Professional. Reliable. Trustworthy.

Powell Auction & Realty is number one when it comes to personal property sales and local estate sales Knoxville, TN. Whatever your needs, you can count on us to provide the best possible price for your valuables. As a company that operates on integrity, we provide free evaluations and honest, expert opinion on how we believe your objects will fare in the current marketplace. Powell Auction & Realty has been setting the standard in estate sales in the Knoxville, TN area since 1972. We also conduct auctions for personal property, including antiques, collection, and more. Talk to us about how you can get a fair price for your valuables. We can even help you with your next real property purchase. Explore our website to learn more about what we do or give us a call today.

Who We Are?

Powell Auction & Realty offers a full range of auctioning services, from appraisals and auctions to property listings and everything in between. Our company has been serving the Knoxville community for almost five decades, and through the years, locals and our previous customers have come to associate the Powell brand with honesty, professionalism, and integrity. Partnering with Powell Auction & Realty means receiving full support and VIP customer service, from the time you come to us for an appraisal, until we’re ready to put up your real property and other possessions up for auction. Powell Auction & Realty makes auctioning your real estate and personal property a painless process. Our team understands that we are doing work for individuals who may be making life-changing decisions or transitioning into a new chapter in their lives. We are strategic in identifying the most efficient means of selling your assets, so you can turn the page as soon as possible. Visit our Facebook Page to learn more.

Put Your Assets in Front of Potential Buyers

Do you love the thrill that comes with live auction events or would rather monitor the bidding in the comfort of your own home? Leave it to Powell Auction & Realty to help you set up the kind of auction event that works for you. Our team is prepared to conduct any type of auction, from live events, online-only auctions, to a combination of both. You can count on us to maximize every avenue in generating income from your assets. Auctioning with us lets you sell your real estate property as-is. Because you don’t need to handle time-consuming repairs, you may receive cash for your assets the soonest time possible. We allow buyers the opportunity to preview our real estate properties available for auction through schedules open houses or private showing appointments. We also get the word about your property on an international scale through our website. The Powell team puts your property in front of potential buyers – that’s what we do best.

Our Expertise

Powell Auction & Realty has been specializing in selling assets at public auction for almost 50 years. We have organized, marketed, and conducted successful auctions for various assets, from automobiles and personal property to real property. Our team of experts can provide tailored assistance with the following:

Real Estate Auction

Do you need to find a new owner for an inherited home that you don’t see yourself using in the foreseeable future? Maybe you’re relocating and have to sell your current house as fast as possible, so you can start building your new home in the new city? We allow you to sell your property as is. This means that with us, every auction sale is a cash sale that can be settled in a 30-day period.

Boat Auction

Did you recently moved to a landlocked location and couldn’t use your fishing boat as much as you used to? Perhaps you’re upgrading and want to find a new owner for your trusty fishing companion? Powell Auction & Realty markets your property to consumers who are looking for exactly the kind of product you offer. We can help you get a fair cash offer for your boat, at no inconvenience to you.


You may find that you’re having a hard time finding buyers for heavy equipment. Leave the hard work to Powell Auction & Realty. As auction experts who have been able to sell everything from small yet valuable personal belongings to huge machines and everything in between, you can count on us to maximize every platform to advertise your assets. Talk to us about putting your equipment up for auction!


Instead of letting your power tools collect dust in your warehouse or garage, let us help you turn them into cash. We’ll help you receive fair cash for your items, whether it’s a new drill or a chainsaw that has been barely used. All you need to do is bring them over to us for valuation, and, once we agree on a price, we’ll put them up on our website, so they can reach an international audience.


Auto auctions have always been our specialization at Powell Auction & Realty. We are at the forefront of public auto auctions and for many years now, we have been conducting exciting, no-hassle auto auctions where anyone can come by and bid like a dealer. This means that you, as the dealer, can make your pitch to hundreds of prospective customers who have the intention of buying a vehicle and are just waiting for the right model and make.


Collecting firearms has become a popular trend these days. We can help you find the right buyers for your gun collection and we usually have a large selection of guns available for just about any collector or gun enthusiast. At Powell Auction & Realty, we only auction high-quality firearms and you can be assured that every single item is evaluated and appraised by our knowledgeable team of firearms experts. We auction the most looked-for firearms on the market and that has earned us all sorts of loyal customers, including dealers, hunters, shooters, and collectors. Discover how you can sell your quality firearms with us today. We work harder to get you the highest price possible for your firearms.


Do you have antique pieces that may be of value to collectors or enthusiasts? Bring them to us for an appraisal. Our team of expert in-house appraisers will provide you with an honest evaluation and reliable advice on how your valuables may sell on the market. Our appraisal services are free. Whether it’s a period vase, coin collections & jewelry, a historical painting, an antique broach, gold & silver coins, Rolex watches, Cartier, pocket watches, jewel pendants and gold, we will have a look at them all.   Collectible Coins and Currency    If you come across coins and currency when sorting items in an estate or have a personal collection. We generally have two coin auctions a month. We attract bidders from all across the county at our online auctions. Whether you have silver or gold we put your valuables in front of millions of potential buyers.

Why Work with Powell Auction & Realty

Powell Auction & Realty places value on forming relationships with the people we work with. We do that by providing you with VIP customer service, simple processes, and fair transactions every time. Partnering with us heaves off of your shoulders the burden of dealing with different service providers. We handle the process of turning your real property and personal belongings into cash, from start to end. First, our expert appraisers evaluate your property and discuss with you the possibility of selling it at an auction. After the date for the auction has been set, we then begin working on marketing your property. Unlike other auction companies who rely on traditional advertising, we use the internet to draw people to your property. Interested buyers will also see pertinent information on the property they’re interested in, and bidding will be done on the website as well. Powell Auction & Realty manages your auction from the day you bring your item to us for valuation until the closing. But while we offer total management, we also give you full control and total transparency. Rely on our team’s experience and innovation in getting the best possible price for your property. We hope that you may soon join the list of our satisfied partners and long-term clients. Powell Auction & Realty is your partner for successful personal property and estate sales. Since we have opened our doors in 1972, our expert team has been helping clients get a fair deal for their real property and prized personal possessions. Bring your antiques, collections, and other valuables over have us take a look at your property – we’ll provide a fair assessment of your property, for free. Areas we cover: Knoxville and Knox county, Loudon county, Anderson county, Campbell County, Blount County, Sevier County, Hamblem County, Scott County, Roane County, Meigs County  If its in East Tennessee we can help you. Visit our estate sales Knoxville TN page for more info today.