An Estate Auction for What it’s Worth

By lois | 04/01/2019 | 0 Comments
If you are tired of having estate sale after estate sale for your late father’s estate, it’s time to call in the professionals from Powell Auction for an estage auction. After endless offers that you refused for antiques that were worth far more, you probably learned the hard way, especially if you let go some […]

Careful Planning and an Auction House

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An auction of any kind takes planning. From estate auctions to car auctions it takes extensive planning to pull it off. Thankfully, Powell Auction has been doing it for decades. When you work with Powell Auction, your property is assessed at market value and will be auctioned off as such. You won’t have to worry […]

End the Feuding with a Powell Estate Auction

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An Estate Auction puts an end to the arguments. If you and your family are at odds with your parents estate Powell Auction is here to help. Unlike an estate sale, you will not have to worry about family members giving everything away. If you know that your Dads fishing lure collection is worth a […]

Powell Auction House for Estate Auctions

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Estate auctions are the best way to get rid of what you should have dealt with last year. If your New Year’s resolution is to start tackling your late mother’s estate, call Powell Auction House. Why Powell Auction House for Estate Auctions? For decades, Powell Auction house has been helping people just like you get […]

Powell Auction House When Second Best Won’t Do

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Powell Auction House is the only auction facility to consider in East Tennessee, regardless of what you want to get rid of or what you want to purchase. The auction house in Tennessee holds several auctions every month whether you want to get rid of that old car that you no longer use, or have […]

Estate Auctions for Collectors of All Things

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Collectors of all things love estate auctions. Estate auctions unearth all kinds of treasure for coin collectors and stamp collectors alike. People who are avid gun collectors have found the missing piece to their collection at a Powell Auction Estate Auction. Estate Auctions for Priceless Treasures Most have heard the stories about the unmarked piece […]

Close the Chapter with an Estate Auction

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An estate auction is one of the best ways to deal with the passing of someone close. Holding on to your loved ones furniture, clothing, antiques, cars, firearms, or stamp collection keeps the energy flowing. Giving the items that you can no longer bear to keep to someone else allows you to move forward with […]

Powell Auction for a Public Car Auction

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You don’t have to be the chauffer when you go to a public car auction. Your son or daughter will find a car that is dependable and downright cheap. Powell Auction House in Knoxville has the best public car auctions. It’s easy to find a car from a public car auction, but as Powell Auction […]

An Estate Auction to Lessen the Burden

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Having an estate auction, especially for a dearly loved family member or friend can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Powell Auction House has the experience and the expertise to make your estate auction as painless as possible. How Does an Estate Auction Work? An estate auction is like any other auction in […]

Estate Auctions and Estate Sales are Not The Same

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Estate Auctions are different from Estate Sales. According to Powell Auction House, estate sales are normally held at the property of the estate holder or at a disclosed location that has been hired to hold the offsite estate sale. What is an Estate Sale? Also referred to as tag sales, estate sales are one way […]