Firearms and Coin Auction for Your Estate

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A firearms and coin auction is the answer if you have just been handed the keys to a home full of belongings from a long lost uncle that you knew nothing about. Powell Auction has been helping people just like you get out of an unfortunate predicament with estate auctions and firearms and coin auctions […]

Classic Car Auctions Knoxville For Your Collection

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The best and most competent Car Auctions Knoxville house in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee is ready to clear out your garage and if your wife has been hounding you about those classic cars that never see the light of day, it’s time to get them out of storage and out to Powell […]

A Car Auction Can Give you a Great Deal

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A car auction could be just what you are looking for if you have been promising your son or daughter a car for the holidays or for his or her birthday. Powell Auction has got you covered with a list of upcoming public car auctions that could have the perfect vehicle for any member of […]

Liquidating Your parent’s estate at Auction

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If you are liquidating your parent’s estate, you need a professional to help you get the job done. Dealing with a loved one’s assets is tough enough on its own, but when you add grieving to the mix, you may not get the job done properly. Of course, you can always hold yard sale after […]

Auction your assets with Powell Auction

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Auction your assets with Powell Auction. Powell Auction is the only auction house in Tennessee to consider if you are liquidating your assets, or looking for the deal of the century. Powell Auction has been helping people just like you for 45 years and has the experience and the expertise to sell vehicles, real estate, […]

Powell Car Auction for the Vehicle of your Dreams

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Powell Car Auction is ready to get you behind the wheel of a new car and if you are tired of shady auto salespeople, it’s time to check out the Powell Car Auction schedule for a vehicle auction near you. Although bidding on cars at a public auction can be pretty straight forward, according to […]

Estate Sales made Easy with a Knoxville Auction

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A Knoxville Auction can help take the stress out of selling your parents estate, and if you aren’t having luck selling off mom and dad’s assets, a Knoxville Auction and Reality company may be the way to go. Powell Auction & Reality LLC can help you sell your family home and everything else from the […]

Liquidating Assets with the Help of Powell Auction

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Liquidating assets doesn’t have to be a headache, and it won’t be when you contact the experts from Powell Auction. Powell Auction has the experience and the expertise to auction your real estate or your grandmother’s jewelry. When you work with the team from Powell Auction, you can bet your items will be sold to […]

Can A Liquidation Sale Get Rid of your Items Faster?

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A liquidation sale is just that, a liquidation sale. Powell Auction lists the best liquidation sales for estates and foreclosed properties. When you choose Powell Auction as your listing auction site for your liquidation sale, you can be assured that you will be getting the best prices on antiques, furnishings, and even appliances. However, as […]

What to know about Real Estate Auctions

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Real estate auctions can be hit or miss, especially if you have never been to a real estate auction before. So what can you learn about a property that is about to be auctioned off? Plenty. Seeing the Property Auction houses host open houses so that the potential bidders have an opportunity to walk through […]