Public Auctions for Profit

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Public auctions are fun, but can also be a great place to earn a second income and no, that doesn’t mean becoming an auctioneer. With Powell Auction House you never know what you will find or what you will discover. What that means is a second income that could make you more than your primary […]

Popular Public Auctions Knoxville

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If you love public auctions in Knoxville you won’t want to miss September. Firstly, this September in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee is going to be awesome, Secondly, you are going to find an awesome bargain. With the most popular auction house in Knoxville you will find everything from cars and trucks to […]

A Public Auction House for Hidden Treasures

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At Powell Auction House you’ll find the treasures that you have been looking for regardless of what you collect. Every month you will find new and unique public auctions for all sorts of collectibles. People love Powell Auction House. Why? Because it is diverse and unique. However, they also love this public auction house because […]

Get Your Bid on with Powell Auction House

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July is the month to get over to Powell Auction House for virtual and in person public auctions in Knoxville. From awesome real estate and car auctions to estate finds, coins and ammo you never know what you will find when you check out the public auctions from Powell Auction House. Collectible Auctions and More […]

Powell Auction House for Hard to Find Goods

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If you are always searching for something a little bit different head over and find out what Powell Auction House has coming up. For more than 50 years this auction house in East Tennessee has been selling hard to find collectibles, real estate, coins and firearms at public auctions and online auctions. Powel Public Auctions […]

Powell Auction House since 1972

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It’s been 50 years since Powell Auction House held its first sale. While much has changed since 1972, the customer service has remained the same. Expect the Best Because every team member from Powell Auction House is well researched you will get the best price. In addition, the items are appraised so you know what […]

More Daylight for Public Auctions in Knoxville

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The spring equinox has come and gone. As a result there is more daylight and more opportunity to find things at your favorite Knoxville auction house. It’s a known fact that public auctions are fun and can even be lucrative if you play your cards right. Powell Auction House is overflowing with great treasures for […]

Public and Online Auctions in Knoxville

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If you are tired of what’s on offer at the local strip mall it’s time to check out the public and online auctions in Knoxville. Public and online auctions in Knoxville are treasure hunts and have so much for everyone. Public and online auctions in Knoxville never disappoint either. You Never Know What You Will […]

Coin Auction Firearms Auctions in Knoxville

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Powell Auction and Realty is the first choice for those who know. The first choice when it comes to all types of auctions, even realty auctions. With decades of combined experience, the team from Powell Auction House in Knoxville knows everything there is to know about just about everything. If they don’t, they will find […]

The Best Public Auction House in TN

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Powell Auction House is the only place to consider if you are looking to complete your collection. Regardless of your passion, you are sure to find it at an online or public auction in Knoxville.  The Only Public Auction House You’ll Need Vehicle auctions, coins and gun auctions, ammunition auctions, real estate auctions, estate auctions and […]