The Lawrence DeRoos Firearm Auction

Date: 04/24/2021

Time: 7:00pm EDT

Location: 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37921

Office: Knoxville

Agent: Dave Gregory #6309

Ready to Bid!!!!

The Lawrence DeRoos Online Only Estate Auction

Firearms, Ammunition, Accessories

Saturday, April 24

Lots start ending at 7:00pm EDT

(soft close)




Over 100 Firearms, Brands such as: Browning, Kimber, Colt, Remington, Winchester, Glock, Ruger, Thompson Center, Smith & Wesson, Sako and More!!!  2 Colt Python’s, M1 Garand, Mini-30, Ranch Rifle, Super Blackhawk, Redhawk, A-Bolts, Witness, Hi-Power, Detective Special, Diamondbacks, Woodsman, Challenger, Contender and More!!  Some of these are in those desirable calibers: 44 mag, .308 win, 30-30 win, .264 win mag, .223 rem, 7.62x39mm, .300 win, .358 win, .444 rem, 7x57mm, .338 federal, .280 rem, .25-06, 30-06, 7mm-08, .357 mag, .41 rem mag, .44 rem mag, .44 spl, .38 spl, .45 auto, .45 colt, .22 cal and lots more!!!

If you like to or have an idea you would like to try reloading, this is the auction for you!!!  Lots and Lots and Lots of Brass in all the above calibers, plus!!!  Lots of the brass is sized and primed and ready to go.  Some of the brass is new, some used.  Bullets for reloading in about every size you can think of!!  Over 200 Pounds of Lyman Lead Bars, WOW!!!!!  Lots and Lots of reloading powder, some full bottles, some partial bottles (we can not ship powder!!)!!!  Scales, Moulds, Presses, Dies, Books…..everything you need to start or continue doing your own reloading!!!

Lots and Lots of Ammunition!!!  We have ammunition in ALL the above calibers and more!!  The majority of this ammunition is reloads.  Please be aware of this when you bid.  We will not refund on any ammo because it is reloads.  We are telling you up front, the ammo is reloads!!!!

Over 800 Lots of Quality Firearms and Accessories for your Bidding Pleasure!!!

18% buyers premium with 3% discount for cash or approved check, if paid per the terms, by 3pm on Monday, April 26.  No Sales Tax!!!

Preview/Inspection: Friday, April 23 from 10am – 4pm EDT – Powell Auction, 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37921 in the main gallery.

Lots start ending on Saturday, April 24 @ 7:00pm EDT – soft close – A soft close prevents individuals from entering a bid at the very last second before an auction closes, in order to prevent others from bidding higher. … This means that if a bidder enters a bid within 2 minutes of the lot’s initial closing time, a 2 minute extension would be added on.

Pickup/Removal:  Monday, April 26 from 9am – 4pm EDT – You may pay by cash or approved check at pickup, if you get here before 3pm EDT.  After 3pm, ALL outstanding invoices will be charged to the credit card on file with Hibid.  If you live out of the area or out of state, please have your FFL dealer email us a copy of their license so we can get your firearm shipped as quickly as possible.  Ammunition, Bullet, Lead….these are all HEAVY items.  If you are going to need shipping, keep in mind, you pay all shipping costs!!!  We WILL NOT ship any powder.  If you bid on powder and do not live locally, you will forfeit that powder!!!

Firearms: Out of State Purchases: ALL will be shipped to an FFL DEALER ONLY!!! (NO C&R dealers) Including ALL BLACK POWDER!! NO Exceptions!!! NO SALES to CALIFORNIA or HAWAII!!! Items not transferred within 10 days are subject to be resold at buyers expense, without notice. Ammo: NO SALES to Alaska, California, Hawaii or Massachusetts. It is YOUR responsibility to know YOUR state laws, BEFORE bidding!!!
In State Purchases: ALL firearms are subject to TBI background checks, (regardless of age).
If you live in state, you are welcome to have us ship your gun to an FFL dealer of your choice. If you don’t want to drive to our office and pick it up.
$10 for every 3 guns. 10.00 each, if gun has no serial number. Gun Parts will be subject to TBI background check. Black powder guns and starter pistols with interchangeable barrels will be subject to TBI background check.
Must have a valid Drivers License with a Photo. Address must match Drivers License. Must be 18 years old for long guns or long gun ammo. Must be 21 years old for hand guns, pistol grip long guns or gun parts or hand gun ammo. Please check our website under gun rules for more details. Disclosure on Firearms Sale on website and receipt that firearms have not been tested or inspected for firing. Before firing, it is the BUYERS responsibility to have firearms inspected by a gunsmith. Buyer agrees to hold Powell Auction & Realty LLC harmless for any claim, injury or malfunction.
Items not picked up or transferred to FFL dealer, within 10 days are subject to be sold at buyers expense, without notice.
Do not bid, IF you think you may get denied, IF you get denied OR if the gun OR ammo is not transferable, the items, will be resold at YOUR expense! (IF you are DENIED for a gun, NO ammo) NO Refunds!
We reserve the right to refuse the sell of firearms, to anyone we deem necessary, for any reason.
Gun Pickup: Will be Monday April 26th 9-4 ONLY! APPOINTMENTS to be made afterwards. NO Walkin-ins!!!!
PLEASE read Gun Rules, BEFORE BIDDING!!! Attached at bottom of page.