Summer Sportsman Auction

Date: 07/17/2022

Time: 7:00pm EDT

Location: 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37921

Office: Knoxville

Agent: Dave Gregory #6309

We are now accepting consignments for our Summer Sportsman’s Auction!!

We are planning the auction to be in mid-July, around the 17th of the month.



Items we will be taking for this auction:

Firearms: Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, Pistols, Muzzleloaders

Ammunition:  Any and All Calibers – Any Quantities

Reloading:  Presses, Dies, Bullets, Brass, Scales, Powder Measures, etc.

Archery:  Long Bows, Compound Bows, Cross Bows, Arrows, Quivers, Targets, etc.

Fishing:  Boats (from canoes to house boats), Rods, Reels, Lures, Fish Finders, Depth Finders, etc.

Hunting:  ATV’s, Side by Sides, Tree Stands, Pocket Knives, Fixed Blade Knives, etc.



If you have something that doesn’t fit one of these catagories, give us a call, send us a photo, drop by and see us and let’s talk about what you have!!!




Items we currently have for this auction include: Colt Single Action Army Revolvers, Ruger New Model Single Six Revolver, Marlin 45/70 Gov’t Lever Rifle, Winchester 30-30 win Lever Rifle, Beretta Silver Hawk Double Barrel 12 ga Shotgun, Savage Fox Model B Double Barrel 12 ga Shotgun, Remington SP-10 Magnum 10 ga Shotgun, GSG .22lr Semi Auto Rifle, Winchester 1300 Shotguns, S&W 29.3 Revolver, ISSC .22lr Semi Auto Rifle, Arak Guns AK74 Semi Auto Rifle, Mauser 8mm Bolt Rifle, Lots of Reloading Supplies: Dies, Bullets, Brass, Primers and More!!

Important Information