Fall Sportsman Auction

Date: 10/13/2018

Time: 11:00am EDT

Location: 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37921

Office: Knoxville

Agent: Dave Gregory

10.13  Fall Sportsman Auction – Live and On Line Bidding

Just in time for deer season!!!  We are selling out the inventory of the Gun Doctor in Clinton, TN.  The owner has decided to retire and his loss will be your gain!!!  Almost all the firearms from the Gun Doctor are New In the Box!!!  We also have confiscated firearms from the Greeneville City Police Department!!  Some of these are in good condition and some others, well, not so much.  BUT if you are looking for projects, man, we got you covered!!!  We have other consigned firearms from individuals, like yourself.  Some New in the Box and others are used and lots and lots in between.  Some of the brands we will be offering are:

  • Browning

  • Colt

  • Remington

  • Winchester

  • Heritage

  • Jennings

  • Ruger

  • Henry

  • Marlin

  • Mossberg

  • Smith & Wesson

  • Glock

  • Harrington & Richardson

  • Del-ton

  • Phoenix Arms

  • L. C. Smith

And Lots, Lots More!!!  We have them in all the popular calibers, from .22 right on up the List!!  Hey, do you fancy yourself a weekend gun builder?  We have 1911 frames, mulit-cal lowers and more!!  Don’t miss this one folks!!  We definetly have something for everyone in this auction!!  If WE don’t have it, I guarantee, YOU don’t need it!!!

As we have said before, Powell Auction and its employees are NOT gunsmiths.  We have not and will not fire any of these firearms!!  We have operated the action on those that will operate.  If any do not operate, we have noted that in the description.  We strongly and highly recommend before firing any used firearm, weather from us or anyone, please have it checked out by a gunsmith to be sure it is safe to fire!  If you are local, we highly recommend you attend preview and look over the firearms you are interested in for condition.  If you are not local, you are more than welcome to call or email us with specific questions about any firearm or any item in our auctions for more information.  Please keep in mind, condition is subjective.  If you call and ask what condition a gun is in, we will give you our honest opinion.  Hopefully, your opinion and ours will be close but that will not be a condition of purchase.  So, please do not hesitate to call or email.  Email is preferred as someone may not be able to lay hands on the gun immediately.

Above all, have fun and bid high and bid often!!!

Preview/Inspection:  Friday, October 12 from 8:30am – 5:00pm EDT – The zip ties have been installed on these firearms as a safety precaution.  Please do not remove the zip tie from any firearm!!!

Prebidding has started and will continue until the auction goes Live at 11:00am EDT on Saturday, October 13 – The highest current bid on Hibid will become the starting bid for the live auction.

Pick up/Removal:  All items may be picked up on Saturday, October 13 immediately following the auction, provided you have successfully passed the background check.  You may also pick up on Monday, October 15 from 9:00am – 5:00pm EDT.  DO NOT show up earlier than 9am!!  TBI in Nashville will not be open until this time so if you come sooner, you will just have to wait.  If you live out of state or out of the area and will need your firearm shipped; please have your local FFL Dealer email us a copy of his license ASAP!!  The sooner we recieved this the sooner your gun will be shipped.  We will not even pack your gun until we recieved the FFL License.  We do not ship to C & R License holders!!  We do not ship any guns or ammo to California!!!  We can not ship ammo to Alaska!!  Please know your states laws as to what is legal in your state!!!  Colorado and Massachusetts – DO NOT bid on high capacity magazines, your states only allow less than 15 round mags!!!  This is just a couple of examples; Please know your states laws!!!

Firearms: Out of State Purchases: ALL will be shipped to an FFL DEALER ONLY!!! (NO C&R dealers) Including ALL BLACK POWDER!! NO Exceptions!!! NO SALES to CALIFORNIA or HAWAII!!! Ammo: NO SALES to Alaska, California, Hawaii or Massachusetts. It is YOUR responsibility to know YOUR state laws, BEFORE bidding!!! In State Purchases: ALL firearms are subject to TBI background checks, (regardless of age). $10 for every 3 guns. 10.00 each, if gun has no serial number. Gun Parts will be subject to TBI background check. Black powder guns and starter pistols with interchangeable barrels will be subject to TBI background check. Must have a valid Drivers License with a Photo. Address must match Drivers License. Must be 18 years old for long guns or long gun ammo. Must be 21 years old for hand guns, pistol grip long guns or gun parts or hand gun ammo. Please check our website under gun rules for more details. Disclosure on Firearms Sale on website and receipt that firearms have not been tested or inspected for firing. Before firing, it is the BUYERS responsibility to have firearms inspected by a gunsmith. Buyer agrees to hold Powell Auction & Realty LLC harmless for any claim, injury or malfunction. Do not bid, IF you think you may get denied, IF you get denied OR if the gun OR ammo is not transferable, the items, will be resold at YOUR expense! (IF you are DENIED for a gun, NO ammo) NO Refunds! We reserve the right to refuse the sell of firearms, to anyone we deem necessary, for any reason. Gun Pickup: will be following the auction or the following Monday 9-5 ONLY! APPOINTMENTS to be made afterwards. NO Walkin-ins!!!! PLEASE read Gun Rules, BEFORE BIDDING!!! Attached at bottom of page.

Terms: Payment in full day of sale, Cash or approved check with bank letter. 10% buyers premium and 13% on credit or bank cards and sales tax will be added to final bid to establish total sales price. Warranty. All items are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS and WITH ALL FAULTS”, without any warranties expressed, implied or guarantees of any kind. All Sales are Final, NO Refunds! Bidders are responsible to thoroughly inspect items before bidding and to satisfy themselves of such matters as suitability, marketability, completeness, year, make, model, and/or condition Internet Bidding Powell Auction & Realty LLC will be held harmless, if the internet service fails to function properly or correctly, power outages, computer or internet complication’s, before, during or after the auction. We reserve the right to withdraw, rearrange and or extend properties, without notice, at the auctions sole discretion. Bidding may extend, if bids are placed within the last minute, to prevent bid sniping Online bidders: Sometimes we may use several online internet providers, so you will receive an email from us, if you are the actual winner of the item. If your provider is Hibid, you will receive an email, from them stating that you may have won an item. Afterwards Powell Auction & Realty LLC, will send you another email (If you are the actual high bidder) stating the you are the high bidder, with an invoice attached. This invoice may not include shipping fees or credit card fees. The email may be sent the following business day. Note: when registering on Hibid, after you fill out your registration & information, then they will charge your credit card $1.00. You will need to update your info every 3 months & you will be charged $1.00 on your credit card.  

Important Information