December Online Firearms Auction

Date: 12/11/2022

Time: 6:00pm EST

Location: 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37921

Office: Knoxville

Agent: Dave Gregory #6309

December Online Firearms Auction

Sunday, December 11

Lots start closing at 6:00pm EST

(soft close)

Preview/Inspection:  Friday, December 9 from 1pm - 5pm EST

Over 300 Firearms!!!!  Brands include:  Colt, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Remington, Winchester, Glock, Dan Wesson, Mosin-Nagant, Springfield, Kimber, Tikka, Savage, Stevens, Mossberg, Beretta, Browning, Charter Arms, Norinco, Bushmaster and More!!!  All the calibers you have been looking for: .22 short, .22 Lr, .22 mag, .357 mag, .44 mag, .270 win, 30-30 win, 30-06 Sprg, 22-250 rem, 5.56mm, .223 rem, .38 spl, .40 s&w, .45ACP-Auto-LC, .380 auto, 6.5 swedish, .303 British, 7mm mauser, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x54r and More!!  Some notable models:  Colt Python Hunter (seller states it has never been fired!!) - Kimber Pro Shadow II - 2 Colt Woodsman .22's, Ruger Blackhawk, Colt AR-15 (no, AR does not stand for assault rifle), Tikka T-3, Mosin-Nangant M39, Browning Buckmark .22, Browning Sweet 16 Shotgun and Lots more!!!

18% buyers premium - 15% if picked up in person and paid by cash or approved check before noon on Monday, December 12.  Sales Tax will be charged on this auction.  ALL Firearms that will need to be shipped, will be shipped to your local FFL dealer.  There are very few that will ship directly to customers.  Please be aware of your local and state laws as to magazine capacity.  If you are not allowed to have it, we will not ship it!!  We DO NOT accept C & R Licenses.  If you have a C&R and plan to send that to us for shipping, please save your time and efforts, we will not ship any firearm to a C&R so line up your full FFL dealer ahead of time. 

Some of these firearms came from individuals.  Some of these firearms are confiscations by the Greene County Sheriff's Dept.  Most of these firearms are used firearms.  Some slightly used, some used very extensively.  We are not gunsmiths.  We highly reccomend having any firearm checked out by a qualified gunsmith before firing it.  We can check the basic operation of a weapon by dry fire but we have not and will not fire these weapons.  These weapons do not belong to Powell Auction.  We only know what is told to us by the seller.  Please inspect these firearms prior to bidding.  They are being sold as is where is with no guarantees or warranties either written nor implied.  No statement to condition by any employee of Powell Auction should be taken as a guarantee or warranty of condition.  Make up your own mind.  Condition is subjective.  We have stated that some of these firearms are in good condition.  That is only an opinion of the physical look of the firearm.  Our idea of good and yours may differ.

We are adding over 600 lots of Ammunition, Holsters, Magazines, Reloading Supplies, Bullets, Brass and a Whole Lot More!!!  ALL counts on Ammunition and Bullets are estimates!!  If you need to know exact counts, plan to come to preview and bring your calculator.  A lot of this ammo is RELOADS!!!  We have noted the reloads as we found them.  This does not mean we found them all.  If you do not want reloads, do not bid on ammunition.  You are buying what you see reload or factory.  Come to preview and inspect the rounds you are interested in.  We may have the wrong size/caliber on some of the bullets for reloading.  Come to preview and inspect these to know what you are getting.  You are buying what you are seeing.

Preview/Inspection:  Friday, December 9 from 1pm - 5pm EST in our Main Gallery at 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37921

Lots will start ending on Sunday, December 11 at 6:00pm EST - soft close

Pickup/Removal:  Monday, December 12 from 9am - 4pm EST in our Main Gallery at 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37921  We are located at the intersection of Pleasant Ridge Rd. and Old Callahan Rd. behind the Walmart of Clinton Highway.

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