Coming Soon!!!! Coming Soon!!! Coming Soon!!

Date: 04/29/2018


Location: 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd.

Office: Knoxville

Agent: Dave Gregory

Estate of Mr. Luther Denton of Alcoa, TN

Here we have a nice collection of antiques and collectibles that Mr. Denton gathered from Everywhere!!! There are lots and lots of different and unique items that does not often come to the market here in the Knoxville area!!!  This is your opportunity to get in and get them before your neighbor does!!!  Don’t be a Monday morning quarter back saying, I wish I would have because by then, it will be too late!!

Dates of this auction will most likely change.  The computer makes me pick a date so make sure you keep checking back for a solid date and time.  It will be posted once we know it.

Here is a sampling of whats to come:

  • Advertising Signs: Beer, Coke, Lighted Signs, Tin Signs, Clocks, etc.

  • Vending Machines: Stamps, Cigars, Cigarettes and more!!

  • Pin Ball Machines: floor model and table top

  • Barber Chair

  • Vespa Scooter

  • Horse Racing Gaming Machine (for entertainment only)

  • Antique Printing Presses

  • Coin Collecting Supplies

  • Glassware

  • 45 rpm Records (in the sleeves)

  • 3 Wheeled Cushman

  • Cold Drink Boxes:  Coke, Pepsi and more (about 6 total)

  • Hot Wheels Die Cast Cars

  • Knives

  • Native American Artifacts: Arrowheads, Stone Tools, etc.

  • Toys

This is just a small sampling of what will be in this auction!!!  There really are some very different and unique items in this sale.  Please keep your eyes open and follow our website to see what else we might find!!!

Important Information