On Line Only Coin Auction – July

Date: 07/21/2019

Time: 7:00pm EDT

Location: 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37921

Office: Knoxville

Agent: Dave Gregory

Sunday, July 21 @ 7:00pm EDT – On Line Only Coin Auction

Here is another great coin auction coming your way from Powell Auction!!  I am so envious, that y’all get to bid on this great lot of coins!!!  A total of 17 Carson City Morgan’s in this auction!!!  WOW!!!  All in one auction, just for you!!!

Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Silver Eagles, Proof Silver Eagles, Ike Dollars, Gold Coins, $20 Gold Certificate, $5 Hawaii Brown Seal, Black Eagle $1 Note, Red Seal $2 and $5 Bills, Walking Liberty Halves, Franklin Halves, Kennedy Halves, Ancient Coins, English Coins from Late 1700 – Early 1800’s, Foreign Coins, Proof Sets, Mint Sets, Lots of Pennies, Nickles, Dimes, Quarters, Coins in Presentation Boxes……..you just have to check out the catalog!!!  There are some really great coins and paper money in this auction!!!  You do not want to miss this one!!

There are a few items in the auction that are not coins.  Don’t miss those!!  Case XX fixed blade knive, advertising cast iron ashtrays from Morristown, TN, Fancy Cigar Cutter and more!!!

There will be a 10% buyers premium added to each bid to determine the final sales price.  TN state sales tax will be charged to in state residents.

Preview/Inspection:  By Appointment!!  Coins are in the showcase.  You are welcome to come by and take a look at them.  Please call in advance to ensure that an employee is available to assist you with the inventory.

Lots will start closing on Sunday, July 21 at 7:00pm EDT – soft close – A soft close prevents individuals from entering a bid at the very last second before an auction closes with the intent to prevent others from bidding higher. If the countdown clock reads “closing” then it is too late!!  Invoices will be sent to winning bidders on Monday morning.  We have to close the sale out before the email will be sent.

Pick up/Removal:  Monday, July 22 from 8:30am – 5:00pm EDT – If you are out of the area or out of state, we will pack and ship your coins to you.  You need to nothing more.  Your credit card will be charged for the purchase, then charged again for the shipping when the shipping price has been determined.  We do use USPS “if it fits, it ships” envelopes and boxes when and where possible.  If you are local to Knoxville, you may come in and pay by cash or check before 12:00pm (noon).  After noon, all outstanding invoices will be charged to the credit card on file with Hibid.  If you are local, we do expect that you will come by to pick up your items.  If you want your items shipped locally, you will have to let us know that.

If you have coins you would like to put in our next auction, give us a call or email and we will be happy to discuss with you and go over the terms of the seller.  dave@powellauction.com or 865-938-3403 and ask for Dave.

Important Information