On Line Only Firearms, Coins and Sports Memorabilia

Date: 08/23/2017

Time: 7:00 pm EDT

Location: 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd. Knoxville, TN 37921

Office: Knoxville

Agent: Dave Gregory

8.23 On Line Only Auction of Guns, Coins and more!!

Firearms at Powell Auction


Preview/Inspection:  Tuesday August 22 from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Lots start ending: Wednesday August 23 at 7:00pm – Lots will remain open until all bidding halts on that lot.  If you bid to snipe someone, it will only extend the bidding to give everyone else a chance to raise their respective bids.  Once all bidding has ceased on the item, the time will count down to zero and the item will close at that time.  It is possible for an item to stay open for the duration of the auction, if people continue to bid on that item.  Please be aware of this.  The best way to combat this is to decide how high you are willing to go on the item, enter that in as your maximum bid and let the computer bid for you.  That way there can be no surprises.  No, if no one else bids against you, it does not go straight to your maximum bid.

Pick up/Removal:  Thursday August 24 from 9:00am – 5:00pm EDT – If you would like to pay by cash or check, you may do so by coming into our office before 12:00pm (noon) on Thursday the 24th to pay and pick up.  After noon, all outstanding invoices will be charged to the credit card you have on file with Hibid.  If you are out of state, your card will automatically be charged and your item packed and shipped to you.  Shipping will appear as a second charge on your card.  If you buy a firearm and you live out of state, it will not be shipped except to a licensed FFL dealer (see below).  The dealer of your choice needs to email us a copy of their license and we will ship it out.  This is for firearms only!!  Coins and Sports memorabilia will ship directly to you.

   Firearms: Out of State Purchases: ALL will be shipped to an FFL DEALER ONLY!!! (NO C&R dealers) Including ALL BLACK POWDER!! NO Exceptions!!! NO SALES to CALIFORNIA or HAWAII!!! Ammo: NO SALES to Alaska, California, Hawaii or Massachusetts. It is YOUR responsibility to know YOUR state laws, BEFORE bidding!!! In State Purchases: ALL firearms are subject to TBI background checks, (regardless of age). $10 for every 3 guns. 10.00 each, if gun has no serial number. Gun Parts will be subject to TBI background check. Black powder guns with interchangeable barrels will be subject to TBI background check. Must have a valid Drivers License with a Photo. Must be 18 years old for long guns & 21 years old for handguns. Must be 21 years old for a pistol grip long gun.

              Please check our website under gun rules for more details. Disclosure on Firearms Sale on website and receipt that firearms have not been tested or inspected for firing. Before firing, it is the BUYERS responsibility to have firearms inspected by a gunsmith. Buyer agrees to hold Powell Auction & Realty LLC harmless for any claim, injury or malfunction. Do not bid, IF you think you may get denied, IF you get denied the guns will be resold at YOUR expense!

Gun Pickup: Thursday 24th or Friday 25th, afterwards by APPOINTMENT ONLY!! PLEASE read Gun Rules, BEFORE BIDDING!!! Attached at bottom of page.                                                                          If you disagree with this policy, then do not bid!!  All items are located and will need to be picked up at Powell Auction & Realty LLC located at 6729 Pleasant Ridge Rd. Knoxville, TN 37921

Gold Coins at Powell Auction

Firearms: Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Marlin Winchester, Remington and More!!  Shotguns, Rifles, Revolvers and Semi Auto Pistols!!  Calibers: .22, .223, 30-30 win, .308 win, 7.62x39mm, .380 ACP, 16 GA, .357 mag, .44 mag and others!!!  These are some really good looking guns!!  Be sure and check these out!!!

Hand Guns at Powell Auction

Sports Memorabilia: Autographed Photo’s:  Vijay Singh, Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Sand Koufax, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe Dimaggio, Roger Clemens.  Hand Aaron autographed baseball.  Topps collector cards: Mean Joe Green, Robin Yount Rookie Card, Don Mattingly, Kirby Puckett rookie card and others.  Most are graded!!  Collector Toys: Davy Crockett, BP toy taker truck, Star Trek Mr. Spock Figurine – new in box, GI Joe – new in box and lots of other neat items!!!

Sports Memorabilia at Powell Auction

Coins and Currency: Rare 1916-D Mercury Dime, 1878 Carson City Mint Morgan Silver Dollar, 1909 and 1909-VDB Pennies, Gold Mercury Dime Centennial – new in box, $1 – $5 – $10 Silver Certificates, Silver Proof Sets, Silver Foreign Coins, Silver War Nickels, 1945 Gold 2 Peso Coin, Proof Silver Eagles – in box with paperwork, Ancient Coins, Shipwreck Coin, Maria Theresa Coins,  Uncut Sheet of $1 Bills, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars, Silver Eisenhower Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars, Graded Coins, Coin Sets, Foreign Coins, Key Date Coins, Error Coins and Currency and Lots, Lots More!!!

Morgan Silver Dollars at Powell Auction

Shipping is available for this auction.  All items will be shipped via USPS, using “if it fits, it ships” when and where possible.  All shipping charges will appear as a seperate charge to your card on Hibid.  We do not automatically ship to TN residents.  If you live in TN and would like your items shipped, please drop us an e-mail or call us and let us know you wish to have your items shipped.  All out of state buyers, your items will be automatically shipped.  If you would like to pick your items up, please let us know ASAP as we try to ship quickly.  Again, all buyers of firearms, the firearm must be shipped to a FFL dealer regardless of age, condition, action including muzzle loaders.  Local folks will need to come in and do the background check in order to pick up your firearms.  There are no execptions to the firearms rules!!!