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Since 1972, Powell Auction & Realty, LLC has specialized in selling assets at public auction. Powell is the industry leader in selling real estate, automobiles, equipment, firearms & coins, and estates & antiques. With over 50 years of experience in organizing, marketing, and conducting successful auctions, Powell has become a trusted expert in the industry. Clients are offered a full range of services including auctions, traditional property listings, and appraisals.

Powell Auction & Realty, LLC has developed and tailored its experience in auctioning real estate and assets, leading to build a superior reputation of professionalism and integrity, while proving to be the top real estate and asset auction company in the area.

Powell Auction strategically determines the best means possible of selling assets. Whether the auction is to be conducted strictly as a live event, as an online-only auction, or as a hybrid auction utilizing both live and online bidding. Powell will recommend the way in which the most revenue will be generated for the assets. Powell Auction’s method of selling opens up the capability of reaching a worldwide market of buyers.

Powell wants to not only earn your business, but in addition your trust, respect, and friendship. Not only are you a client, you are a partner with Powell Auction & Realty, LLC. As a partner, your interests become our interests. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, each Powell Auction will surpass all expectations.

Powell Auction & Realty


Powell Auction & Realty, LLC has developed and tailored its experience in auctioning real estate and assets, leading to build a superior reputation of professionalism and integrity, while proving to be the top real estate and asset auction company in the area.

With a Powell Auction & Realty, LLC Real Estate Auction, cultured buyers are capable of taking advantage of a fervent opportunity, while purchasing properties at auction prices. Powell specializes in offering real estate for sale at auction. All the properties offered for sale at auction offer excellent buying opportunities for the buying public.

Powell Auction & Realty, LLC seeks to deliver specific real estate assets within a set-time period. All auction sales are non-contingent, cash sales, that settle in a 30-day period or less. Allowing real estate auction properties to be sold in the most “as-is where-is” form as possible.

Refined buyers can take advantage of a rare purchasing opportunity that allows the purchase of a property on their terms, within a specified time-frame. Powell allows buyers the opportunity to preview our Real Estate Auction properties via private showing appointments, during scheduled open houses, one hour prior to each Real Estate Auction, or through the cutting edge Powell Auction & Realty, LLC website. As a buyer, Powell seeks to offer clear and comprehensive details surrounding the real estate auction buying process. By purchasing at auction, it allows the buyer to be involved in the process, yet in control of the outcome.


Surrounding the challenging real estate market, sellers have realized that in order to quickly sell their property, while maximizing the revenue generated, the sales process requires a more aggressive selling and marketing approach that generates a sense of urgency in the buyers minds. Powell Auction & Realty, LLC seeks to bring motivated Sellers and qualified Buyers together to make a smooth transaction occur.

Powell’s unique method of selling maximizes the exposure a property receives not only in the market surrounding the property, but to a nationwide and international audience, resulting in the highest sales price for a property as possible.

Powell Auction & Realty, LLC seeks to promote properties for market-driven sellers who wish to pursue an effective alternative to traditional real estate sales. Selling real estate at auction is an outstanding means of gaining qualified buyers and offering them to the seller.

Powell has represented clients of all calibers; however, the most important client that Powell Auction & Realty, LLC will ever represent is you! For over 50 years, our vast variety of clients have made an astute business decision to sell their properties at auction, due to Powell’s intuitive marketing plans, ardent credibility & reputation, and their unrivaled market success.

Choosing to utilize a more aggressive method of selling real estate allows the seller to be freed of the continued associated carrying costs, presents a large number of buyers to the seller, and provides the seller with a clear closing date, all while allowing the property to be sold in its most “as-is where-is” way possible.


  • Exposure to Powell’s extensive network of ready and willing buyers
  • Access to thousands of brokers & agents and their buyers
  • Allows potential buyers to compete on a level playing field for your property
  • The seller can set the terms & conditions of the sale
  • No more price reductions---auctions negotiate the purchase price upwards, instead of downwards
  • Ends the continued associated carrying costs of real estate
  • Produce a cash, non-contingent buyer that closes in 30-days or less
  • From contract signing to closing in as little as 45 days
  • Assures that the property will be sold for the true market value
  • A tailored marketing campaign to reach the right buyers for your property throughout the country and world allows you to free up capital and move on to other investment

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